Enter our wonderful wellness world!


For the perfect wellness experience, Oxygen Naphegy’s unique sauna park offers: Finnish saunas, infrared saunas, herbal cabins, sea climate cabin, ice chamber, swimming pool, hot tub, heated stone beds, textile and non-textile sauna area. And our sauna masters will guide you to the world of saunas.

The heat penetrates into our body

Our Sauna World

Oxygen Wellness Day Spa boasts a unique sauna park, with a total of 14 saunas available to our guests in our vast wellness area: dry salt cabin, Finnish saunas, sound, light and aromatherapy cabin, herbal sauna, infracabin, steam room, tepid sauna section.


I refresh in the cool water


The 20 m swimming pool has a water temperature of 26-28 ° C and a depth of 120 cm. Swimming classes and aquatraining also take place here. While we sit in the warm jacuzzi we overlook the vast Tabán park and Buda Castle in front of Oxygen Naphegy through the huge glass walls. Our guests will have a really pleasant, relaxing and special experience. And after the sauna and the sauna sessions, the cold dive pool and icechamber invigorate the body, they are good for blood circulation, the skin, and for the capillaries.


I’m getting rid of toxins

Sauna Sessions

Our Sauna Masters at the Panorama Sauna hold 7-10 minute sauna sessio every day, which allow our guests to learn the essence and correct method of using saunas. Sauna sessions are free of charge.

Beginning of the sauna sessions:

Weekdays – 8:00, 10:15, 12:15, 16:00, 18:15, 19:15, 20:15, 21:15.
Weekends – 10:00, 12:15, 16:15, 17:15, 18:15.


Body and Soul


Our masseurs are waiting for our guests in 4 nicely furnished massage rooms with a total of about 20 different Spa programs and massage types. Massages, spa treatments and LPG treatments take place here. You can book your appointment by email, at the front desk or by calling + 36-1-799-0404, + 36-20-393-4219. 

We ask for advance payment for couple massages! 

You can read about massages and other wellness treatments here.


I’m getting rid of toxins


Oxygen Naphegy offers a special textile-free sauna section at the wellness area.


The wellness section has a special buffet where you can buy refreshments, fruits and various sauna products with your watch.


We also provide you with sauna sheets, which you can take in the sauna bar.


At the wellness bar you can buy different pampering sauna products, sauna salts, lots of fragrances, oils and honey, which are essential for a sauna experience.

Sauna Sessions

You can also use the wellness section to buy a day pass or a pass at Oxygen Day and you can take part in the sauna sessions for free. During the 7-10 minute sessions, the sauna master stays with the guests in the sauna, gradually heats up the cabin while stirring hot air around the guests with his sauna flag and towel, and continuously adding aromatic scents to the stove. It is always a very pleasant relaxing program and the goose-skin phenomenon is not missed. You can get out of the sessions anytime you feel you have had enough. After the sessions, the use of the diving pool is good for the body, the skin, it has a revitalizing effect, invigorates blood circulation, and moves the capillaries.

We ask that you arrive on time for the sauna sessions, do not wait for our guests or do not make other guests wait.