Adaptive Innovation Development at Oxygen Wellness Center in Naphegy

Beneficiary Name:OXYGEN NAPHEGY Limited Liability Company

Project Title:: Adaptive Innovation Development at Oxygen Wellness Center in Naphegy

Amount of Support:   19,964,880 HUF
Rate of Support (%): 60 %

Description of the Project Content:

Within the framework of the project, software and hardware developments have been implemented, which, according to our plans, can enhance our services and improve the comfort of our guests through the integration of various applications. In addition, within the scope of the project, we have developed protocols through specialized research for the use of newly acquired and existing rehabilitation equipment, making it more accessible and attractive to our users.

We have also modernized the access process and made it much safer with the new access control system, which has made the system more secure and controlled in terms of guest arrivals and departures, as well as the usage of our various services.  azt, hogy mikor épp melyik szolgáltatásunkat használják.

As part of the project, equipment has been procured, including: 1 cross-winding, plate-loaded strength machine; 1 disc-loaded squat machine; 1 plate-loaded leg curl machine; 2 inner and outer thigh machines; 1 treadmill, 1 bench press, 1 cross-country skiing machine; 1 cross-country skiing stand; 1 professional bicycle.  Comb közelítő és távolító gép; 1db futópad, 1db fekvenyomó pad, 1db sífutó gép; 1db sífutó állvány; 1db professzionális bicikli.

Project Completion Date: 2022.08.31.

Project Identification Number: 2020-1.1.1-KKV-START-2020-00311