This is not just fitness.
This is community and a way of life.
This is not just fitness.
This is community and a way of life.

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Our customer relations team would be happy to introduce you to Oxygen Wellness Center through a personal tour. Please coordinate with our colleagues!

Budapest 1016
Naphegy Street 67

Budapest 1016, Naphegy Street 67.
Company Registration Number: 01-09-199020
Tax Identification Number: 25087972-2-41



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Phone: +36 20 393 4219

Useful Information

You can request a personal tour where our colleagues will introduce you to the center and its services. If you share with us your goals or if you have any specific objectives, such as weight loss, our colleagues will assist you in choosing the right exercise or workout regimen. If you'd like to start working out right away, give us a call, and our colleagues will be ready to assist you and help you navigate. Call us at +36 799 0404 or email us at salesnaphegy@oxygenwellness.hu.
You will need comfortable closed sports shoes and any comfortable workout clothes in which you feel good. If you plan to use the wellness facilities, please bring swimwear and slippers. If you forget your slippers, you can purchase guest slippers from us. Towels, sauna sheets, shower gel, and a hairdryer are provided by us. In the changing rooms, you will find professional spin dryers. The lockers are spacious, and we provide hangers. In the lobby, you will also find separate lockers for packages. If you plan to use the functional area on the rooftop, please bring another pair of outdoor sports shoes.
It is prohibited to enter the parking area with gas-powered vehicles! Please park correctly and occupy only one parking space. Additional charges will apply for occupying more than one parking space. Vehicles with a maximum height of 1.8 meters can be accommodated.
Megközelítés : Hosszútávú bérlettel rendelkező vendégeinknek 4 óra ingyenes parkolást biztosítunk
You can lock and unlock the locker doors with the watch received at the reception. Before leaving the changing room, please ensure that you have closed the locker door. If you forget your locker number, you can check it using the reader on the changing room wall. With the watch, you can also make purchases at the fitness café and the wellness reception, and settle your consumption upon departure. When leaving, please drop the watch into the dropbox next to the reception!
Guests using the center's services can bring their children aged between 1 and 12 to the playroom. The playroom is free for one child for our rental guests. Please check in at the reception and request an entry pass for the playroom.
In the fitness room, wearing sportswear and closed shoes is mandatory! When using the strength machines, please cover the lying and sitting surfaces with a small towel! After using the machines, please wipe them down with the provided disinfectant solution! Let's think about others too! The Polar® heart rate monitor belt and watch can be requested for any workout free of charge at the reception. Ask our fitness trainers for guidance on their proper use. Don't hesitate to seek help from them.
Group classes such as aerobics, yoga, Group Cycling classes, and rooftop classes. The schedules for each class are available on our website (www.oxygenwellness.hu/orarend) and at the reception. Classes can be attended with a printed ticket from the reception! Descriptions of the class types can be found on the website. Please arrive on time for the classes. Classes cannot be attended if you are more than 5 minutes late!
Except for the Finnish saunas, the use of non-slip slippers is mandatory in the wellness section! You can request sauna towels at the sauna master's desk, which are required for using the stone beds and saunas! Please use only the number of towels that correspond to your actual needs, and consider the environment. Store towels and sauna towels on the hooks provided in the wellness section, and do not leave them scattered around! Before using the pools, please take a shower! In the saunas, do not disturb other guests with loud conversations; let's not disrupt the tranquility of others.
You can participate in sauna infusions for free at Oxygen Naphegy. For sauna infusions, we kindly ask you to arrive on time so as not to delay our other guests. The duration of infusions is approximately 10-15 minutes. You are free to leave the infusions at any time if you feel you've had enough.
The massage rooms are located on the ground floor. Please come for treatments in swimwear. LPG treatments are done in special clothing provided here. You can make reservations in person at the reception or over the phone. The payment for SPA treatments must be settled 48 hours prior to the treatment. If you cannot make it to your booked treatment, please cancel 24 hours in advance. For couples' treatments, we request a deposit. Massages and treatments can also be purchased online in our webshop.
We kindly ask you to place your towels in the collection baskets in the changing rooms or in the collection box next to the reception, in the wellness dropbox when leaving. Please settle your bill at the reception when you check out. Please consider our opening hours and leave the facility at closing time so that our cleaning colleagues can begin their work.