In my work, I place great emphasis on health promotion and promoting a lifestyle rich in physical activity.


My commitment to sport is still an integral part of my life. Over the years, body shaping and healthy living has become a lifestyle. It has been my way of thinking, my studies and my relationships for a long time. In my work, I place great emphasis on health promotion and the promotion of a lifestyle rich in physical activity. In my training sessions, I try to offer my clients the maximum in the development of strength and stamina and the achievement of aesthetic goals. Keeping in mind the principle of progressiveness, I give my clients a thorough workout with self-weighted exercises, unstable equipment, free weights and machines. I know that with perseverance, together we can achieve the desired goal.

I take into account my guests' physical abilities, health and age specificities with consciously structured workouts and nutritional advice.


- International Wellness Institute: bodybuilder, fitness trainer
- International Wellness Institute: Personal trainer
- R-med academy: TRX trainer
- NASM: Corrective Exercise Specialist
- ART: Lifestyle and Nutrition Counsellor
- Michael Boyle: Certified Functional Strength Coach
- FMS level1 - ongoing


- Prevention
- Strength and endurance development
- Self-weighted exercises
- Stabilisation equipment



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