10 occasion massage pass


Out of 3 options, you can choose one treatment:

Sports Massage: This treatment is based mainly on stretching and tapping movements to get your muscles in the best condition, minimizing the risk of injury. It is recommended before and after physical activities. Duration: 50, 80 minutes.

Relaxation: A gentle, slow massage combination that promotes relaxation and stimulates acupressure points on the entire or half of the body. Due to its excellent stress-relieving effects, it enhances the body's resistance.

Revitalizing Massage: A special massage performed with Swedish massage techniques based on a medical diagnosis. Duration: 50, 80 minutes.

Usable: Usable for up to 6 months from the date of redemption!

Belépésre nem jogosít. A fitness-wellness komplexum használatához külön belépőjegy megváltása kötelező.

The voucher can be redeemed within 3 months from the date of purchase.

Type: 10 occasion massage pass
Reception area: HU 1016 Budapest Naphegy Street 67.

10 occasion massage pass

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