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Oxygen Wellness Naphegy

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Oxygen Naphegy Kft.

67 Naphegy street, 1016 Budapest
Comp. reg no: 01-09-199020
VAT: 25087972-2-41

Oxygen Wellness Naphegy

Naphegy utca 67.

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+ 36 (1) 799 04 04
+ 36 20 393 42 19

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Useful tips before you come

Making reservations, guided tours

You can ask for a personal tour. Our staff will gladly show you the facilities and tell you about our services. If you share your wishes or fitness goals with us (e.g. you would like to lose weight), our staff will help you choose the most appropriate workout or programme for you. If you want to work out right away, give us a call, and our professionals will be available to help you find your way around. Call +36-799-0404, or e-mail

What should I bring with me?

You will need a pair of comfortable, closed tennis shoes and any kind of comfortable workout clothing in which you feel at ease. If you also want to visit the wellness facility, please bring along your bathing suit and flip flops. If you forgot to throw in your flip flops, you can buy guest slippers at the reception. We will provide you with towels, sauna sheets, shower gel, and hair-dryers. You will find quality spin dryers in the locker rooms. The lockers are spacious, and you will find clothes hangers inside. There are also separate luggage lockers in the lobby.


We offer you 4 hours of parking free of charge during your visit in our two-storey underground car park. You can validate your car park ticket at the reception. If you come by bike, you can leave your bicycle in our covered bike rack. Please lock your bike. You can also reach Oxygen Naphegy by public transport. At the reception we will ask for your personal data necessary for entry and hand you a wrist watch, towel, and ticket if you want to attend a group class or a personal training session. Enjoy your time with us!

Sauna Sessions

At Oxygen Naphegy you can take part in sauna sessions free of charge. If you want to attend a sauna session, please arrive on time so that your fellow guests do not have to wait for you. Sessions last for about 7-10 minutes. You can leave the sauna sessions any time.

Wrist watch

You can lock and unlock the lockers with the wrist watch you received at the reception. Before leaving the locker room, make sure to lock your locker. If you forget your locker number, just use the reader on the wall of the locker room.

You can also use your wrist watch in the fitness bar and the wellness reception, and pay for the items when you exit the facility. When you leave our facility, please drop the watch in the container next to the reception.

Fitness area

Sports clothes and closed shoes are mandatory in the gym. When using strength equipment, cover the sitting and lying surfaces of the equipment with a small towel. When you are finished, please wipe the machines with the disinfectant spray you will find nearby. Have consideration for your fellow guests.

You may request a Polar® pulse strap and watch free of charge at the reception. You can ask our professional gym staff about how to use them any time. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Group Classes

Group classes include aerobic and indoor cycling classes. Check out the schedules on our website ( or at the reception. You will receive a pass at the reception for these classes. You can find a description about the class types on our website. Please arrive on time for these classes.

Wellness Area

With the exception of the Finnish saunas, flip flops are mandatory footwear in the wellness facility. You can request sauna sheets at the sauna master’s desk for using our stone beds and saunas. Please have consideration for the environment and use only as many sheets as you really need. Please hang your towels and sauna sheets on the racks of the wellness facility – don’t leave them lying around. Let’s keep the wellness facility nice and tidy. Please have a shower before using the pools. When in the saunas, don’t disturb the other guests by talking too loud, let others relax as well.

Massage & Spa Treatments

The massage rooms are located on the ground floor. Please wear a bathing suit during your treatment. LPG treatments are carried out in special clothing that you will receive on site for the purposes of the treatment. You can make an appointment personally at the reception or by phone. If you can’t make it to your appointment, please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours before. In the case of couples treatments, we will ask for an advance payment.

Indoor playground (Kids’ corner)

Guests using our facilities can leave children aged 1-12 at the centre’s indoor playground. The indoor playground can be used free of charge by one child of those guests who have a pass. Please register at the reception and ask for your indoor playground ticket.

Underground car park

We will offer you 4 hours of parking free of charge. You can validate your car park ticket at the reception. Natural gas vehicles may not enter the car park. Please park your car according to the rules, and occupy only one parking space. If you occupy more than one space, we will charge you an extra fee.


Please drop your towel and watch in the boxes next to the reception upon leaving. Please pay your invoice at the reception before you leave. Please respect our opening hours and leave the facility by closing time so that our cleaning staff can begin work.