What is your goal?

Work out to feel good, boost your daily energy and feel balanced. Whether your goal is to build muscle, boost your endurance, lose weight or anything else, our personal trainers, impeccably equipped facilities, and range of professional services are there to help you in every possible way.

What do we offer?

Personal training, fitness assessment, nutrition counselling

Nearly 80 perfectly ergonomic Technogym & Lifefitness cardio and strength machines and Life Fitness racks, traditional and the most state-of-the-art tools (BOSU, TRX, kettlebell, medicine balls, etc.) as well as a unique Technogym Skill Line and OMNIA functional rack are all available for you to help you reach your goals the most efficiently and to enhance your enjoyment while working out. Your health is your treasure, so take good care of it! We will help you along the way.

Personal training

Our personal trainers are highly qualified professionals, some also trained in physiotherapy, who help you achieve your goals safely and efficiently. During personal training sessions, you will have the full attention of your selected personal trainer. Check out our personal trainers on our website or ask for more information about them from our helpful staff at the reception

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Why consider a personal trainer?

We recommend a personal trainer if you do not have experience using gym equipment. We also recommend personal trainings to beginners, to those who have been working out for some time, but have not achieved the desired results, as well as to those who would like to lose weight, build strength or tone their body. We especially recommend this solution to those who have muscle or joint issues, are returning after a sports injury, or would like to proceed with rehabilitation with the help of a personal trainer.

Fitness Assessment

After defining realistic goals, your personal trainer will identify your specific goals and check your fitness and health. For your fitness assessment, we suggest that you use our body composition analyser. Following the health check, the trainer will evaluate the results, and prepare a personalised training plan for you. From then on, he or she will monitor your training sessions, focusing only on you.

Nutrition counselling

With nutrition counselling you can obtain a personalised nutrition plan, which corresponds to your aptitudes, possibilities, and goals. If you follow the nutrition and lifestyle programme appropriate for your body, your internal balance will be restored, and certain illnesses will become preventable. Your immune system will grow stronger, and you can overcome mood swings or depression. The energy level of your cells will be optimised, your strength, endurance, and energy will rise, and just as importantly, you can preserve or regain your optimal body weight.
In addition to the latest cardio machines, the breath-taking view from our gym also makes Oxygen Wellness Naphegy an unparalleled experience.

What do we offer?

Cardio and Functional Division

In addition to the latest cardio machines, the breath-taking view from our gym also makes Oxygen Wellness Naphegy an unparalleled experience. As you work out, the panorama of the Buda Castle and the Danube opens before you, while the streets of Tabán below you bustle with life. For a complete interactive entertainment experience during your workout, enjoy the Internet access, 50 TV channels, and iPhone/iPod or USB stick connection possibilities on every cardio machine. No need to miss out on your favourite show or the latest news even as you work out.

Oxygen Naphegy

What is a cardio workout?


Cardio workouts produce steady fat loss rather than adding muscle mass. The key point of a cardio workout is that aerobic exercise accelerates your blood circulation, which increases your pulse rate. However, the interval you can achieve with a certain kind of exercise does make a difference. At our cardio gym, you can monitor your performance with the help of the most modern Technogym treadmills, rowers, and multi-display cardio machines.

Oxygen Naphegy

What is a functional workout?


The functional gym at Oxygen Naphegy offers a state-of-the-art Technogym OMNIA rack, Skill Mill and the Arke functional product line to optimise the efficiency of your training. Functional workouts essentially impact the body as a whole. Most of the exercises do not focus on a single muscle group: the whole body is trained, especially the core muscles, with more complex exercises. This kind of workout is based on natural movements such as squats, and pull and push exercises. In addition to its strength-building effect, it also stimulates the cardiovascular system, and greatly improves your endurance. Why not give it a try?

Identify your goal!


For cardio workouts, you can request a Polar pulse watch and a chest strap free of charge at the reception desk, which will match your current condition with the appropriate workout intensity in order to make your workout efficient and safe. The cardio machines communicate with the strap and display your data on the screen.

My goal is to lose weight

We suggest that you choose cardio workouts with pulse control, group classes, swimming, and sauna as well as nutrition counselling and body shaping massages. Consult our professional staff!

My goal is to develop muscle

We suggest that you choose our strength classes, personal training sessions, our strength building machines and functional workouts. Consult our professional staff!

My goal is the rehabilitation

After an injury you must to train carefully. We suggest that you choose physiotherapy, Kinesis, stretching and swimming. Consult our professional staff!