Body composition analysis at Oxygen Naphegy

2019-01-30by Oxygen

The definition of body composition is ‘the percentages of bone, fat, water and muscle in human bodies’. All these factors can be measured. The body analysis scale gives you a true indicator of your inner health and, when monitored over time, can show the impact of any fitness regime or weight loss programme.

Body Fat Percentage is the proportion of fat to the total body weight.

Body Fat Mass is the actual weight of fat in your body.

Visceral fat is located deep in the core abdominal area, surrounding and protecting the vital organs.

Muscle Mass: The predicted weight of muscle in your body.

Total Body Water is the total amount of fluid in the body expressed as a percentage of total weight.

Bone Mass: The predicted weight of bone mineral in your body.

Body Mass Index: A standardised ratio of weight to height, used as a general indicator of health.

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