6th Tao Yin Yoga workshop – 2/03/2019

2019-02-17by Oxygen

Our Taoist Yin Yoga workshop will be organized for the 6th and last time at 17:00 hours on Saturday, 2 March 2019 with coach Éva Rajcsányi in the aerobic hall of the Oxygen Naphegy complex.

The sponsor of the event is AdeZ.

AdeZ is a new family of 100 per cent plant-based, very delicious beverages, also sold in the bar of Oxygen Naphegy. AdeZ beverages are made of grains and nuts, like soy beans, almonds, coconuts, rice and rye, completely without added sugar, have a creamy and fine taste, and contain vitamins and/or minerals.

The 120-minute workshop will include asanas, poses for various groups of meridians, this time held for longer-than-usual periods of time to allow us to see, feel and understand the functioning of meridians in addition to intense muscular exercise.

The number of participants is limited and participation is subject to registration. Please confirm participation at the e-mail address kosa.eniko@oxygenwellness.hu. Do not hesitate to register. Buy a day-pass or use your valid pass (including a morning pass) to participate.

We look forward to meeting you!